Financial information

Share Holder

Menta authorised capital is RM5 Million, of which is fully paid up. Fifty five percent of the shareholding is held by Bumiputeras. The Shareholders of Menta are as follows;

Initially the paid up capital was only RM50,000 and it was shared between the brothers Tan Choon Soon and Tan Choon Hock. The bumiputra shareholders who came in 1992 assisted the company in increasing the paid up capital to RM1.2 Million. In 2014 the paid up was increased to 5 million.



Menta main banker is United Oversea Bank Bhd, followed by Kuwait finance House (M) Bhd and Public Bank Bhd. Menta have overdraft, bank guarantee and trade facilities.

Menta also has hire purchase facilities with a number of Finance companies which are utilised to finance their numerous machines and equipment and also readily available to finance any new machinery and equipment that need to be purchased. It can be concluded that with the internally generated funds and the readily available support from the banks Menta will always be financially competent to undertake and complete projects.